As embedded system gets more and more connected to the network, security becomes a very important issue in the new devices. We provide (upon customer requirements) different levels of embedded security services:

  • System hardening
    This service may seem minor, however its importance cannot be overlooked and thus it needs to be done. Depending on the provided services and applications running on the device, we define a checklist to be followed to maximize the security protection and minimize the intrusion capability. This checklist is also useful for Quality Assurance (QA) and Auditing activities.
  • System Monitoring
    Monitoring is a giant field, and thus we prepare several tools related to the embedded systems in this field. In relation to the security, it is a necessity not only to log different intrusion activities and tries, but also to monitor them and alarm the person in charge. We introduced in one of our projects a kind of security-watch-dog who is responsible to set alarms and act depending on the intrusion level.
  • Network security and firewall
    This service is primarily based on the classical firewall technique. Similar to the system hardening, we provide service to analyze the concerned device and to setup firewall rules customized to the running services and applications.
  • Data security system
    In relation to different projects, we developed comprehensive server-client library (TCP, UDP, BSD-socket, extensible to other stream / datagram based transport protocol) to secure sensitive data during transmission as well as in its storage using a sophisticated encryption system.

Please feel free to contact us with your specific needs. We will be happy to assist you.