Company Profile

Company NameWA Go Online Pty Ltd
Unit 22, 128 Brown Street
East Perth WA 6004

[Japan Branches]
Ship Kobe Kaigan Building 6F
Kaigan-dori 3, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Hyogo 650-0024
EstablishedJuly 2000
Capital15 million yen
Main businessesEmbedded Linux system provider, custom-built software development, data and network security service provider
Managing DirectorNajib Achkar


“Software Achkar GmbH” was established in the year 1987 in Karlsruhe/Germany as a software research and development (R&D) firm. In the year 1996 the office was moved to Bonn/Germany in order to work closely with the German Federal Ministry of Finance. As the German government moved to Berlin, the office was also moved from Bonn to Berlin in the year 2004 and has remained there until present day.

“WA Go Online Pty Ltd” was established in the year 2000 in Perth, Western Australia as a subsidiary company of “Software Achkar GmbH”. The main aim of this firm is a software development outsourcing company for the mother company.

In the year 2004 “WA Go Online Pty Ltd” expanded to Japan by creating a new branch in the city of Kobe (Hyogo Prefecture). The creation of the branch is intended for software development focusing the Japanese market.

Through the many years of experience in software development, focusing Unix/Linux based systems (since 1987), both companies have acquired knowledge in a range of hardware systems (IBM, Sun, HP, PC and embedded systems), platforms (AIX, Solaris, BSD-unix, Linux, Mac OS X and Embedded Linux), databases (Oracle, DB2, MySQL) and a variety of programming languages (Assembler, C/C++, Java, python, …).

WA Go Online lays emphasis on continuous innovation, pioneering new technologies and researching new techniques and tools, and as always with consideration of safety aspects, for the sake of providing the best secure solutions that today’s customers and market demands.


2020Joined in the Kamiyama International Accelerator program in Kamiyama, Tokushima Prefecture:

This participation marks the beginning of WA Go Online venture into the AgTech field. A farm management application is currently under development and several other related projects are also underway.
2017Developing different new tools for embedded Linux environment and providing various services in the embedded systems.- Monitoring: A light C-based (low time and space consummation) monitoring system for embedded Linux/BSD with different interfaces.
- Secure tiny HTTP-server in C (low time and space consummation) for entertainment and monitoring activities.
2017TSN-Switch using different Altera (FPGA + ARM) based devices and boards using Yocto- Adapting Yocto to devices and upgrading to the latest long-term-kernel-release (for now 4.9.xx)
- Adapting u-boot to customer device
- Device tree adaptation to customer hardware and device drivers.
- Device driver for a new customer-protocol (Target Industry) using Hardware interrupt and FPGA-programs.
- A user-space program scheduling different tasks to send and receive frames in 50 micro-second period.
- Configuration daemon for the customer protocol using Yang-Model and translating this to the hardware configuration.
Getting a SCM (Software-Configuration-Management) set for this project using Git, Artifactory, Jenkins, and Jira for Night-build, Engineering-Drop and Releases.
2016Automotive using Renessas hardware R-Car H2 and R-Care H3 using Yocto- Device driver for a customer network device based on FPGA-core.
- gPTP Device driver for the PTP stack
- Porting Time- and event-Scheduler for RT-Task on the user space for different applications (ADAS-Project) to Renessas-boards.
- SPI-interface to FPGA and different tools using the SPI interface to debug and monitor FPGA activities
- Security watch-dog.
2014 - 2015Automotive using Nvidia Tegra-K1 using Embedded Ubuntu and Yocto- Device driver for a customer network device.
- gPTP Device driver for the PTP stack
- Time- and event-Scheduler for RT-Task on the user space for different Application (AUTOSAR)
- Adapting SPI-device driver to customer hardware