Through our experiences and expertise, we are able to offer the following services in the embedded Linux scope:

1. Provision of an embedded security system
This includes network as well as data security system on an embedded Linux device.


2. Porting of Linux to custom hardware
Using a full Linux distribution to build own embedded operating systems for a particular harware to achieve the highest speed while utilising lowest memory needs


3. Development of device driver for specific hardware
Build from scratch a device driver for distinctive hardware as required by the clients


4. Maintenance of existing embedded systems
Keeping up-to-date a Linux adaptation with the latest Linux kernel and modules to ensure that the latest technology is utilised and all the security patches are applied


5. Compilation of clear and systematic technical documentation
The documentation is aimed for the hardware embedded environment on the kernel level


6. Construction of slim-line Linux kernel and user space
Create a custom based Linux system for a specific hardware stripping off all unnecessary modules


We specialise particularly in the area of automobile and aerospace. The embedded Linux systems that we use include Yocto Project, NetBSD, Embedded Debian as well as OpenWrt.