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Open Sources

In this section you can download little helpers for your daily programming work.

Some we made by ourselves, some we found that helpful that we want to make them available for everyboday who is interested.

Enjoy Tester Print

When is running in headless mode, it can be difficult to determine it has been started correctly and ready to accept connections. This program will try to connect with the given parameters, perform a test function, and then return whether it was successful or not. It can also be used to start an process automatically and then test.


Mail Tester Print

A simple program to test if a mail server is accessible and is capable of sending emails. It will try to connect the designated mail server, and if it can connect, try to send an email to the given email address from email address specified in the last parameter.


HTML Stripper Print

The HTML Stripper program is designed to remove html tags from a text file. The output will be another file with the given file to strip with “.txt” appended.


TableReader Print

This utility is designed to read the structure and data of a Oracle databasde table and then dump it to a text file as insert/update sql statements. It can go through an entire user/schema or selected tables of a user/schema. It can also extract the BLOB/CLOB data of a record and save that to disk as a binary file.

Used with the ExecuteSQL program, it can be used to help migrate data to another server, or perform simple backups.


ExecuteSQL Print

This program is a batch inserter/updater for sql statements. Together with the TableReader program, it helps in dumping the contents of one database to be inserted into another.

The program will, given a particular directory, try to read every file in the directory and try to execute any sql statements inside these files.

It is mainly used for acting upon an Oracle database, 9i or higher.