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iTime is part of the 'iProducts' software family that is provided at WA Go Online. At its core, iTime is a time recording system designed for use within a small or medium enterprise environment.

This system allows a company to record employee attendance and control work-time as well as keeping track of absences, such as holidays and sick days. Integrated reporting facilities provide feedback for management and payroll departments.

iTime can be accessed via the Service centre, or optionally deployed internally for a single company.

  • Via the Service Centre: this form is suitable for small and medium enterprises that don't want the infrastructure or technical staff for an in-house system. For example, system administration for software updates and database backups, and Unix administration. With this option, only a browser and an Internet connection is required.

  • Single Company Deployment: this form is suitable for companies that have multiple branches that can also be in different timezones and have different languages (internationality) in relation to the head office. This option gives a dedicated and central time management system for the Human Resources Department.

Working with iTime

iTime is based on two systems:

Booking System: used to book coming and going activities. The ease of booking plays a big part in how a system is accepted and used. With iTime, a user can book using a PC on the Internet/Intranet; Pocket PCtm device (PDA); WAP enabled mobile phone and booking terminals using touch screen technology. A report of all bookings can be made within a time period for personal reference.

Administration System: this includes

  • Setup: setting the company information, employee data and specific rules for individual workplans. Also setting up how a user can book with the system.

  • Corrections: correction of booking information. Corrections can be done for bookings made in the past, present and future. iTime also allows viewing of corrections and change log history for each user's bookings.

  • Reports: reporting of calculated and projected work times. The system can even keep track of sick days, holidays (public and personal) and absences, and then incorporate this information when determining what is happening to an employee. This can then show any discrepancies between "what should have happened" to "what actually did happen".


  • Via the Service Centre: when using iTime via the Service centre, all that you need to access the system is a web-browser (IE™tm, Netscape™, Mozilla™) on any computer connected to the Internet. Also possible is the ability to use a touchscreen and smart cards for a convenient booking terminal.

  • Single Company Deployment: when deploying iTime for a single company, the following system requirements are needed.

    1. Database server: currently, the system works on MySQL and Oracle databases. iTime can be adapted to other database systems on request.

    2. iTime server: Unix based server. Currently the system works on Solaris, AIX and Linux.

    3. Client Access: see 'Via Service centre'.

Security & Integration

To secure the data that is sent between the web-browser and the iTime server, a 128 bit SSL encryption system is used. This will prevent anyone from eavesdropping on transfered data.

All sensitive data in the database will be encrypted for added protection with a key that is setup during the registration of the company.

iTime can be integrated with other members of the iProducts software family that we provide. For example, iTime can also work with iProject for project cost controlling and billing.

iTime has export capabilities to assist in integration with external systems, such as payroll accounting programs to calculate wages and salary.

In future releases, an Application Programming Interface (API) will be made available for the iTime system. This will provide not only an easier way to gather information from the database, but also the functions that calculate certain statistics for time recording.