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iBackup is a system which is designed to enable and ensure automatic as well as manual safeguarding of data, in a Platform independent manner. Hard disk crashes, virus attacks, theft, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fire, are some incidents which can cause data loss and damage.

Backing up data is essential for data retrieval and in most cases also for business continuity. After the initial data transfer, only subsequent changes in data will need to be transferred to the iBackup server. This will keep the network usage to a minimum while not sacrificing data integrity. The system is fully customisable allowing user control over the amount of data involved as well as the time interval between backup.

Disaster Recovery made Simple

Because the changes to the data are saved at regular intervals, the system can be rolled back and restored to any of those points in the past.

Working with iBackup

iBackup operates on a minimum set of commands to make interaction as easy as possible. While there is some setup involved after installation, iBackup is fully documented to ensure that setup goes smoothly. iBackup is designed to be accessed as a service via a service centre or to be deployed internally for a single company.

  • Via the Service Center: This is suitable for small- and medium-sized businesses that do not want to worry about the technical system administration, such as software updates, database backups, Unix administration and compatibility issues.

  • Single Company Deployment: This is aimed at companies that require an independent, dedicated central project control system for the management of a company.


Using iBackup simply means profiting from its numerous advantages including the following:

- Restore anywhere
- Secure concurrent backup in one or more locations
- Platform independence
- Automatic saving of data without any user interference
- Differential backup method for minimal network usage
- Data snapshot of a certain date and time can be retrieved on request
- Customisable through different user settings as well as choice of deployment