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iProject is a project tracking and recording system designed for use within a small or medium business environment. It is a part of the 'iProducts' software family provided at WA Go Online.

The system allows companies to record, monitor and report work performed on projects. These projects are defined as a hierarchy, and managers can control who are permitted to work on any of the sub projects. Projects are booked for different cost centres, recording the type of work performed during the booking. These cost centres can be uniquely assigned to different users, depending on the roles they are allowed to perform.

iProject is designed to be accessed as a service via the Service Centre as well as with the option to be deployed internally for a single company.

  • Via the Service Centre: this issuitable for small and medium businesses that don't want to worry about the technical system administration, such as software updates, database backups, Unix administration and compatibility issues.

  • Single Company Deployment: this form is aimed at companies that require an independent, dedicated central project control system for the management of a company.

Working with iProject

iProject has 3 main systems, which users with different permissions can access:

Booking System: used to book start and stop times on a project. iProject also has the additional feature of offline booking support. If there are Internet connection problems between the booking system and iProject server, the system can keep a log of the unstored bookings, and back them up until connection is restored. This reduces downtime from needing to add logs at a later date.

Administration System: used to administer the whole company, by defining employees that can use the system, as well as creating divisional information such as departments and branch hierarchies. Project costs can also be defined, which specify classifications of work.

Project Management System: this includes:

  • Setup: Creating and defining projects, creating clients and their inter-project relationships and assigning employees to projects

  • Corrections: Logs for any given day can be changed, added to or deleted. iProject also keeps a change-log history for all bookings.

  • Reports: Several types of report can be generated in iProject. The reports are produced dynamically as PDF™` documents for easy viewing, saving and printing. Reports can be generated for different views, with respect to employees, projects, cost centres and clients. In each of these reports, different attributes and statistics can be displayed. This allows for a range of reports that could show, for example, how employee time is distributed across different cost centres within a single project. Time recorded for a project can be represented in standard or industrial hours. Report data can also be exported for use in other accounting programs.


  • Via the Service Centre: To use iProject via the Service Centre, a web-browser (IE™, Netscape™, Mozilla™) is required on a computer connected to the Internet with the Java Plugin installed. As such, iProject runs on any Operating System supporting Java. For simple bookings, an alternate HTML Booking interface is also provided, which eliminates the need for Java.

  • Single Company Deployment: when deploying iProject for a single company, the following system requirements are needed.

    1. Database server: currently, the system works on MySQL and Oracle databases. iProject can be adapted to other database systems on request.

    2. iProject server: Unix based server. Currently the system works on Solaris, AIX and Linux.

    3. Client Access: see 'Via Service Centre'.

Security & Integration

To secure the data transmission between the web-browser and iProject server, a 128 bit SSL encryption system can be used. This prevents anyone from eavesdropping on transfered data. Sensitive company and employee information is also encrypted with a secondary key.

iProject can also be integrated with other iProducts. For example, it its possible to synchronise bookings between iProject and iTime.