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iDoc is a electronic document management system with advanced text searching capabilties. iDoc supports documents in many formats, such as MS Office, Open Office, and PDF, that can be rapidly located, viewed or edited at the click of a button. In addition, the advanced text searching capabilities provide an invaluable resource as a knowledge base for the creation of further documents, and referencing.
Working with iDoc

The highlights of iDoc are:

• Text based index for rapid search and retrieval of documents
• Large range of document formats ( MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Images, ... )
• Knowledge-base functionality
• Multilingual ( English, Japanese, ... )
• Hierarchical access control


*Application Service Provider ( ASP )
• Java embeded browser ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla )
• An account with an ASP
• A connection to the internet

*In - house Deployment ( your own ASP )
• Database server ( MySQL or ORACLE )
• Application Server ( Solaris, AIX, Linux, Windows )

Security & Integration

• 128 Bit SSL Tunneling
• AES encrypted data packages
• Dynamic ( time based ) transport encryption
• Document classification and access control matrix
• AES file encryption