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iMonitoring is a network monitoring software with a high level of efficiency.

iMonitoring keeps IT infrastructures running at peak efficiency all the time. It provides constant monitoring of network infrastructure and triggers alerts and notifications by means of email should processes fail, reach critical values or cron jobs cause errors. The email will include a link to a detailed failure report which enables system administrators to quickly pinpoint trouble spots and resolve them, before they slacken or disrupt important business applications and processes.

As a result of this immediate corrective action upon failure, the down-time and cost will be minimised.

Working with iMonitoring

iMonitoring is designed to keep Linux-computers/servers under constant surveillance.

The advantage of the technology applied here is that the entire data sent from client to server is done via a SOAP interface as a XML file. Hence, obstacles such as firewalls and proxy servers can easily be surmounted.

All of the data gathered is stored in a database allowing for later searching. This can be used to assist in system/network forensics and investigation, to prevent the same problem from happening again. The statistics can also help to determine future system upgrade possibilities such as network bandwidth or size of hard disk.

Highlights of iMonitoring

-Quick detection of network failures allowing precise corrective actions.

-Highly flexible, because highly customisable.

-Firewalls and proxy servers do not pose any problems.

-Graphics and colours are applied to help users identify problems.

-Statistics gathered help determine future upgrade possibilities.

iMonitoring targets

- Capacity of internal memory

- Number of users logged-in

- Boot time

- Load-average

- Status of fixed disk

- Network traffic

- Mission-critical processes like web server, application server or database server

- Cron jobs