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Ikipsi is a 3D virtual world developed exclusively for children.

It provides an online e-learning area for children to interact with each other as well as learn and play together. Some examples of the activities planned for Ikipsi include quiz games on topics such as Math, Science, Geography and Language. Inside the virtual word, different environments, such as Cartoons World, Toys World, and Dinosaurs World, would be developed to accommodate various interests as well as different age groups.

Ikipsi supplies a platform  for  fun  and  educational  applications to be developed  and  incorporated by third parties.

Schools can utilize Ikipsi to fill a variety of roles, to complement their curriculum by  allowing students to practice their lessons or to augment their curriculum by using it as the main tool of the lesson. Inside the virtual space, different kinds of areas can be created, such as a representation of the school or buildings where games can be played. Students can also enjoy Ikipsi outside of school as a meeting place for friends. Avatars are designed to be customizable, enabling students to express themselves and be easily recognizable to friends.

Ikipsi is based on latest technical standards and follows strict safety conditions. Children will move in a safe and monitored surrounding with the chance to get to know other children worldwide.