iMail Print

A secure enterprise email management system

iMail is an enterprise level email aggregator with a web-based reader that has advanced search capabilities. It combines the ease of an online mail service with the security centralised mail server by utilising existing email infrastructure. The web-based reader has a clean, intuitive, multilingual interface that requires only a web browser to use.

A local installation as well as encryption of the incoming and outgoing messages ensures the security and privacy of the emails.

Centralised folder management enables users to organise their mail into different folders for later access, adding persistence to the application.

The search functionality allows users to find emails based on content, subject, sender, attachment name as well as attachment content.


. Access from anywhere through web browser

. Secured through a custom encryption algorithm as well as SSL tunneling

. Customisable user interface

. Extraction of texts from attachments for searching

. Ability to export emails into different formats for offline access

. Multilingual