The International Industrial Fair KOBE 2009 Print
On September 3 and 4 2009 WA Go Online presented their latest pioneering products at the annual International Industrial Fair in Kobe. The fair aims to facilitate the development of international technology infrastructure and the exchange of ideas between technologically driven businesses, universities, enterprises and institutes.

WA Go Online enjoyed enormous success last year in the form of research opportunities and unique business contacts. Unfortunately this year, although there was a large number of exhibitors demonstrating their latest products or services with technological rigour, the number of visitors was lower than previous years. This was attributed to the world economic crisis and the toll it has taken on many businesses.

With the hope that in 2010 Japan will rise from the financial crisis and the exhibition will once again attract a large number of visitors, WA Go Online looks forward to putting their latest software engineering breakthroughs on show. Join us as we embark on a promising year of progress and discovery.